Edit mode

Edit mode


If you are connected to MUME server and selected edit mode, you can use online mapping functionality. After you succesfully log into the game, select your starting position on map (for ex. click on room by mouse), then select Edit mode on the toolbar menu, and move around with your character. Rooms and their attributes are created automaticaly. You can change various room attributes or add information items (arrows, text or lines), set door names etc. by clicking to correspondent functions in edit dialog. To connect, delete, change attributes or flags of mapped rooms, use editdialog, which is always opened when edit mode is selected. You can also create info marks on map (text, lines, arrows).

Edit dialog offers most of the mapping functionality (except room moving). You can make different types of connections betwen two rooms by selecting source room (left-click), then destination room (right-click) and then pres connect in direction, which we want character leave source room and then direction from which character arrive to destination room or no direction at all (character arrived to destination room and is confused for example - oneway connections).

You can set different parameters for rooms and connections betwen them. Connections can be oneway, with door, loop, random etc... Rooms have attributes like light type, if it is portable or not, load type, terrain type, mob type etc ...


MMapper supports also offline mode, where rooms and connections are created offline to reduce online time needed for mapping. Rooms are created by Alt+direction commands or via edit dialog. Rooms that were created this way are marked with question mark. It means, that not all information are updated and it is needed to visit this room with real character in online play mode to update this informations (room description, parsed room description, exit information etc...).

In edit mode you can use following shortcuts:

Moving selection mark

  • 8 - move north.

  • 2 - move south.

  • 6 - move east.

  • 4 - move west.

To create/remove new rooms you can use following shortcuts

  • Ctrl + 8 - create a new room north.

  • Ctrl + 2 - create a new room south.

  • Ctrl + 6 - create a new room east.

  • Ctrl + 4 - create a new room west.

  • mouse double click - create a new room.

  • Del - delete room.

To disconnect room in any direction from current room use following shortcuts

  • Alt + 8 - disconnect room from north.

  • Alt + 2 - disconnect room from south.

  • Alt + 6 - disconnect room from east.

  • Alt + 4 - disconnect room from west.

To move one or more selected rooms use following shortcuts

  • N - move selected room(s) north.

  • S - move selected room(s) south.

  • E - move selected room(s) east.

  • W - move selected room(s) west.

There are also other keyboard shortcuts - you can change type of mob in room, room terrain type or treasure loaded.

  • V - changes current room terrain attribute to watter.

  • F - changes current room terrain attribute to field.

  • L - changes current room terrain attribute to forest.

  • D - changes current room terrain attribute to random room.

  • T - changes current room terrain attribute to city.

  • C - changes current room terrain attribute to indoors.

  • R - changes current room terrain attribute to road.

  • X - changes current room terrain attribute to deathtrap.

  • A - changes current room mob attribute to aggresive mob.

  • P - changes current room mob attribute to peacefull mob.

  • M - changes current room mob attribute to no-mob.

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